Gallon Drunk – Jake On The Make

  • Gallon-Drunk-From-The-Heart-Of-Town-Afterhours Sleaze and DignityWell, if this was an edition of Desert Island Discs and I was asked which one record I would save from the waves, it would probably be this one.

    Strictly speaking it’s a song on the album From The Heart Of Town.

    It’s a portrait (an ode?) to Mr Jake Vegas, who has been something of an inspiration for Afterhours and as a friend recently said “Jake is Soho”.

    Whereas longstanding Soho gents and characters, such as Jeffrey Bernard, are reasonably well known and their lives and antics have been documented over the years, Mr Vegas has not had that (dis?)honour. I think that part of Afterhours has been about how to rectify that; how to, in as respectable manner as possible, tell the story of the world and culture he has been a part of and helped to create.

    Over the years I think I’ve owned The Heart Of Town in four different formats (single CD, original double CD release, vinyl and Terry Edward’s Sartorial Records re-release. And I’ve bought it for at least two other people. I’m not sure if I’ve had it on cassette or the vinyl version with the Live EP. Well, that’s my chap-ish record spotter paragraph)…

    It was something of a “Getting ready to go out for late night shenanigans” album for me back in the day…

    Listen to Jake On The Make here.

    Purchase the extended re-release via Sartorial Records.


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