The Bank Job, shennanigans and stories that travel forwards and backwards in time…

  • The-Bank-Job-2008-Saffron-Burroughs-Ian-La-Frenais-Dick-Clement-Jason-Statham-2In a lot of ways The Bank Job from 2008 is something of a b-movie, a touch cheesy here and there and has that “the period recreation doesn’t quite always naturally gel/the costumes etc look, well, like costumes etc” thing that seems to plague a lot of British period based television and film and yet…

    …I find it a thoroughly enjoyable number.

    It’s an escapist period crime/heist romp (caper?) film but with a background of all kinds of hidden history and reference points.

    The Bank Job-2008-Saffron Burroughs-Ian La Frenais-Dick ClementEarly 1970s questionable black power leaders? Yep. A touch of 1970s grit that around these parts tends to tick a box or two. Check. Hidden powers that be “off the book” activities? Check. 1970s Scotland Yard/vice squad over cosiness in the gentleman’s leisure reading activity and film game in the old heart of town that was Soho? Check.

    Saffron Burroughs cheekbones? Check.

    The Bank Job-2008-Saffron Burroughs-Ian La Frenais-Dick Clement-other car
    That iconic-period-crime/heist-romp-(caper?)-film-and-television suave chap on either side of the straight line car of choice the Jaguar Mark II alongside a fair few other classic “motors” (including a period police car that reminds me a little of the 1960s TV series Batmobile)? Check.

    The Bank Job-2008-Saffron Burroughs-Ian La Frenais-Dick Clement-5

    To part borrow a phrase written about another set of tales set around the same (well, actually made around that time), it’s something of a guilty pleasure full of fags, blags, Jags and slags.

    The film was penned by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, who also wrote the likes of Porridge and The Likely Lads… oh and Afterhours favourite Villain, which is (loosely) based on the life/lives of East End twins who gained more than a touch of notoriety and which is set (or rather was made/is set) in a similar early 1970s period of shennanigans and stories embedded in a society gone more overtly corrupt/to seed – which in a way links forwards and backwards to The Bank Job.

    The film is based (loosely?) on true stories, which you can peruse more of here.


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