Bone-Box, feral dreams and flooding the past…

  • 0004-Death-Of-A-Prizefigher-Bone-box-Afterhours-Sleaze-and-Dignity copyWell, talking of Bone-Box, I’m not sure if I could encapsulate their world and work better than this quote from the venerable British Broadcasting Corporation:

    Bone-Box weave webs of faded fairytales and cross palms with slivers of shattered tales of the everyday thrown from an out of control carousel… a ghostly gospel of drama and dented dreams far more feral than the plaintive lap-steel sometimes suggests. As an epic whole, they are The Master and Margharita filmed by Glenn Ford and scripted by Tom Waits with executive producer Leonard Cohen.

    A particular favourite of theirs around these parts is Talking Christ Down From The Cross, which can be found on the Death Of A Prize Fighter album.

    A paean to a lost soul I think: “First he took to drinking, what better way to speed time… but he took to drowning until he flooded his past…”.

    Even though I must have listened to it a fair few times over the years, it has still just made my hair stand on end as I’ve listened to it.

    I just loose myself and wander off somewhere when I hear the opening notes of this. Wistful, sad, uplifting indeed.

    Fine cover work to: the lost age and art of entertaining a crowd in a very particular way. The painting was commissioned by Jay Taylor* for the album. Commitment to the cause and all that.

    0004-Jay-Taylor-Bone-Box-Afterhours-Sleaze-and-Dignity-3 copy0004-Jay-Taylor-Bone-Box-Afterhours-Sleaze-and-Dignity1 copy0004-Jay-Taylor-Bone-Box-Afterhours-Sleaze-and-Dignity

    (Mr Jay Taylor in a variety of hirsute stances.)

    You can listen to/make your own the song on various zeros and ones ether victrolas: and Bandcamp... or seek them out at Boomkat here and peruse them here.


    *Head chap round Bone-Box towers, former Goldblade-er, previously organiser of all things band/live music orientated at The Night and Day in Manchesters and currently organising such things at The Ruby Lounge in same said city. Also a very decent gent it must be said. Somewhat influential and informative in the early days of Afterhours via an interview/natter we spent some time on a few years ago now. Tip of the hat to you sir.


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