Grinderman / The Wild Bunch / grizzled light-catching…

  • Grinderman-Steve Gullick-Nick Cave-Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity

    Prior to the arrival of Grinderman, sometimes noir-esque writer Cathi Unsworth once said to me that The Bad Seeds (and Mr Nick Cave) look like The Wild Bunch…

    That’s something that I think could be even more so said about Grinderman – as though the essence of The Bad Seeds had been condensed, filtered, sharpened.

    (As an aside, to me Grinderman are like the untamed, fun, humourous kid – but not so young – brother of The Bad Seeds… No Pussy Blues, the first song I heard by them, still makes me laugh to think about it – later middle-age angst and frustration encapsulated in 4 minutes and 23 seconds).

    …and that Wild West-esque comparison holds true in terms of this particular “gang” (they even have the requisite baby faced member in Martyn P. Casey).

    The photograph / grizzled light-catching above is by Mr Steve Gullick – a fine photographer and one time proprietor of Loose Lips Sink Ships magazine. Something of a favourite shutterbugger around these parts – he has a certain way with grain, lighting and atmosphere, his work stepping above and beyond common-day music and portrait photography.

    Listen to No Pussy Blues here. Peruse it here.


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