Florence Stonebraker and pulp fiction archetypes…

  • Flesh is Weak-Florence Stonebraker-pulp fiction paperback-Afterhours Sleaze and DignityI came across this when I was looking up The Flesh Is Weak related artwork (see Day #4/365a).

    Well, apart from her name – Florence Stonebraker – this is one of those times when vintage pulp fiction covers seem almost too perfect, almost as though they have been created as part of a contemporary art project that has set up to create archetypes of such things.

    I find it interesting how as the years go by what once may have been quite throwaway, utilitarian, quickie, mainstream work becomes something else, comes to represent or signify something else… this is one of those times (see also the likes of Abram Games who I was recently pointed towards – lovely stuff).


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