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  • Biba and worlds unto themselves

    Now, as you may well gather, around these parts I have something of a soft-spot variously for a touch of noir-ish aesthetics and a certain kind of 1970s grit (intermingled with a dash of 1970s glamour in various forms) and a reimagining of the past in the creation of worlds unto themselves (a Soho of the mind, as it were).

    Biba catalogue-1960s-1970s-3

    In this post are some of my favourite photographs from the somewhat famous 1960s/1970s fashion label and boutique Biba’s mailorder catalogues.

    They seem to perfectly capture the late 1960s/early-ish 1970s interest in 1920s/1930s fashion, art deco and the like while intermingling that with fashion styling by the way of China Town, all reimagined and recreated via accessible avant-garde fashion as part of the Biba aesthetics and world – a world created unto itself if ever there was one.

    Below are the photographs in their natural home – a spread from one of the Biba catalogues.

    Biba catalogue-1960s-1970s-2

    PS If you should be curious the photographs are of Stephanie Farrow by Hans Feurer. See more of such things over at Sweet Janes Pop Boutique¬†or indeed in a wider sense at Ms Peel’s Trouser Wear.

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