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  • Ah, well, it has been something of a journey indeed…

    The Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity book is out now, as they say and can be previewed below and ordered at Blurb.

    There is also a version of the book with a different layout available at Amazon (and their various other international sites).

    Paperback £15.95
    Hardback £28.95

    84 pages.
    15 x 23cm / 9 x 6 inches.

    Afterhours-Sleaze-and-Dignity-Image-14-noir-vintage-photography-a-soho-of-the-mind-14Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity-Image 12-noir-vintage-photography-a soho of the mindAfterhours-Sleaze-and-Dignity-Image-16-noir-vintage-photography-a-soho-of-the-mind-16

    “Around twenty years ago I stumbled upon a semi-hidden world which only truly came alive well after midnight and which existed in the heart of London, in red light-drenched basements behind unmarked Soho doors.

    Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity book image 15-A Soho noir-A Soho of the mindAfterhours Sleaze and Dignity book image 13-A Soho noir-A Soho of the mindAfterhours Sleaze and Dignity book image 4-A Soho noir-A Soho of the mind

    “It was a place and time inhabited by characters who could have tumbled from films of their own making, a sideways glance at a reimagined indefinable past; a world of modern day spivs, foot-high quiffs, lizard skin-lined cars, tooting saxophones, unlicensed speakeasies and sharp suits.

    Afterhours-Sleaze-and-Dignity-Image-17-noir-vintage-photography-a-soho-of-the-mind-copyAfterhours Sleaze and Dignity-Image 5-noir-vintage-photography-a soho of the mindAfterhours Sleaze and Dignity-Image 9-noir-vintage-photography-a soho of the mind

    “More than a decade later I began to revisit my old haunts and companions.

    Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity was the result, a tribute to a world where I spent some of my youth and a visualisation of the imaginary film it inspired and which has played behind my eyes ever since – an expression of my own particular Soho of the mind.”

    Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity-Image 3-noir-vintage-photography-a soho of the mind

    Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity-Image 2-noir-vintage-photography-a soho of the mindAfterhours Sleaze and Dignity-Image 13-noir-vintage-photography-a soho of the mindImages from the book can also be viewed on the Light Catching page.

    More information and background on the book can be found on the About page.


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